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At Breakthrough Recovery, we understand that addiction and mental health struggles not only affect the individual but also their loved ones. That’s why we offer family support as a crucial part of our treatment programs. Our therapists work closely with families to provide education, resources, and guidance on how to support their loved one through the recovery process. We believe that involving family in the recovery journey can help individuals maintain lasting healing and create stronger bonds within the family unit. Family support at Breakthrough Recovery is a safe and non-judgmental space where families can come together to heal and grow.

What is Family Support?

A family support program at a recovery center, such as Breakthrough Recovery, is a comprehensive and inclusive approach to addiction treatment that involves the loved ones of an individual struggling with substance abuse or mental health issues. This program aims to educate and involve families in the recovery process, providing them with resources and tools to support their loved one’s healing journey.

Family support programs may include therapy sessions for the family, education on addiction and mental health, communication skills training, and other resources to help families better understand and support their loved one. At Breakthrough Recovery, we believe in the importance of involving families in the recovery process to promote lasting healing and growth for both the individual and their loved ones.

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How Does Family Support Help?

Family support services at Breakthrough Recovery play a crucial role in the recovery process. By involving loved ones in the treatment journey, individuals can receive ongoing support and accountability from those closest to them. This can help individuals maintain their motivation and commitment to healing, even after leaving our program.

Additionally, family support provides a space for open communication and understanding between family members, promoting healthier relationships and stronger support systems. At Breakthrough Recovery, we believe that family involvement is key to long-term recovery success and strive to provide our clients with a comprehensive approach to healing.

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We specialize in providing breakthrough solutions. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping people with recovery  and self-improvement. Our services range from therapy sessions to workshops and support groups, all designed to help individuals address their personal challenges and reach their full potential.

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Individuals struggling with various disorders often face challenges initiating their path to recovery independently. We have supported numerous individuals dealing with mental health issues and substance abuse. Many credit a loved one for introducing them to our outpatient recovery program, marking the crucial first step towards healing.


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