What is a Outpatient Program?

Outpatient programs provide individuals with substance use disorder or mental health treatment in a less intensive setting than inpatient programs. This type of program allows patients to live at home and attend therapy sessions during the day, providing flexibility for those who have work, school, or family responsibilities. Outpatient programs typically include individual therapy, group therapy, and educational sessions to address the underlying causes of addiction or mental health disorders and develop coping skills for long-term recovery.

At Breakthrough Recovery, we offer traditional outpatient programs as well as intensive outpatient options for those who require more structured support. Our goal is to provide comprehensive care that helps individuals overcome their struggles and live a fulfilling life in recovery.

How a Outpatient Program Helps With Addiction

Outpatient programs are a commonly used treatment option for substance use disorder. These programs provide individuals with the support and resources they need to address their addiction while still being able to live at home and maintain their daily responsibilities. Our programs include different kinds of therapy and support that target the underlying causes of addiction and help individuals develop coping skills for lasting recovery. This type of treatment can be tailored to fit an individual’s specific needs and offers a more flexible approach compared to inpatient programs.

At Breakthrough Recovery, we offer traditional outpatient and intensive outpatient options for substance use disorder treatment, providing comprehensive care that addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of recovery.

What a Outpatient Program Can Do For Mental Health Disorders

Outpatient programs are also beneficial for individuals struggling with mental health disorders as they provide a less intensive treatment option. These programs typically involve individual therapy, group therapy, and educational sessions to help individuals manage their symptoms and develop coping skills for daily life. Outpatient programs can be used as a step-down from inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment, or as the primary level of care for those with less severe mental health disorders.

At Breakthrough Recovery, we offer various outpatient options that cater to the unique needs of individuals dealing with mental illness. Our goal is to help individuals achieve lasting recovery and improve their overall well-being through our community integrated treatment approach.

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