Does Breakthrough Recovery Accept My Insurance?

It greatly aids our evaluation of your insurance coverage if you are willing to take some time and tell us about the situation you are dealing with, or for you to fill out our online application.

Please understand that we strive diligently to maximize your insurance benefit by providing utilization review and billing facilitated by our hard working professional team.

Don’t forget to have your Insurance Card ready!

Certified For Your Benefit

As a holder of Joint Commission certification, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to surpassing minimum standards. This dedication guarantees patients receive top-notch care.

This certification equips individuals with the tools developed by Dr. Brené Brown, enabling them to guide others through the process of embracing their imperfections and living wholeheartedly.

Being part of this association means having access to cutting-edge research and advocacy efforts that aim to elevate the field and ensure that those struggling with addiction receive the best possible care.

Affordable Insurance Accepted Care Services

We Work With Most Major Insurance Providers

Our goal is to provide affordable and effective treatment for all individuals seeking help at our facility. We understand that addiction and mental health struggles can be challenging enough without worrying about finances. That's why we are committed to working with your insurance company to make sure you receive the maximum coverage available for your treatment.

Verify Your Insurance With Us!

Freeing yourself from Addiction doesn't have to be hard. Take the first Step and begin filling out the form, it's the initial phase in achieving a healthy recovery. We offer the necessary guidance and professional care crucial during the early treatment stages.