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It’s not too late to kick 2023 off by joining the recovery revolution! Here at Breakthrough Recovery Group, we are dedicated to helping you get and stay sober by improving your connection into a solid recovery community. This is the start of your physical, mental and spiritual well-being that takes place every day when giving up substance use and unproductive behaviors that led us away from finding the peace that change can bring to our lives.

How we can help

Perspective. We hear so many of our clients express worry about a variety of things such as; living a life without the use of substances like alcohol or marijuana, being caught up in chaotic relationships, or stressing about what the next 3, 6, or 9 months into their process of change looks like. Clients even express feeling stuck in that fear of what it looks like to live the rest of their lives without substance use.

All these different experiences expose us to different viewpoints which enables us to help you in keeping things in perspective. Starting or even trying to live your life sober has to begin with support.

So, Shift, Get Started and open yourself up to change! Breakthrough Recovery group is here to support you in the shift!

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